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Blonding is a complex art that includes a deep understanding of hair composition, chemistry, and color theory. I pride myself in ensuring the integrity of the hair is my top priority, and am very skilled in the full understanding of what the hair requires to get you as blonde as you desire.

All new clients looking for a dramatic color change are encouraged to book a free consultation before booking any new color service. Please review our POLICY  before booking.

Image by Brittani Burns
Image by Ivan Dodig


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a consultation? 

First time getting your hair colored at Omnia? Yes. We encourage a consultation be booked so we can ensure we have all the information we need to reach your desired look. Plus, we cover so much in our consultations, you'll leave well informed as to what to expect moving forward. 

If you've had a color service at Omnia within 6 months and are not doing a dramatic change, a consultation is not necessary.

If you are a regular client and looking for advice on a future color, feel free to bring it up at your next haircut! Our ultimate goal is to make sure you're booked for the appropriate amount of time.  

Do I need professional product to maintain my blonde?

Yes.  In addition to protecting your investment, the industry uses the best chemists for your specific needs. Over the counter products boast being sulfate-free, but this is truly the tip of the iceberg of color treated haircare needs. Especially if your hair is very light blonde, you will need a professional product specific to platinum blonde needs to keep it your desired outcome for as long as possible. 

Will lightening my hair damage it?

Yes. To what extent is entirely up to the desired result, the stylists expertise, and the product you use to maintain your hair at home. A little chemical damage can do wonders for adding volume and texture to flat, lifeless hair. If you're specifically looking for platinum, white, icey, or gem/pastel tones, the hair must be pushed to it's near limit to attain these designer styles. Not only does it require a masterful touch from a stylist, but also requires excellent at home maintenance regimen that includes professional product. Hair will continue to become more fragile and prone to breakage if regular maintenance is neglected. 

How often do I need to maintain an icy/white blonde? 

Every 3-4 weeks. Toner is essential to getting the blonde the unique desired blonde tone you are looking for. This is a treatment that also adds shine and conditions the hair. Without regular toner services the hair will become yellow, matte, and even brassy. 

If you are maintaining a root-to-end platinum, root touch ups must be done every 3-4 weeks to ensure we can get you platinum with ease. Waiting any longer than 4 weeks to have roots redone will cause the hair to keratinize and be more difficult to lift. This will result in banding which will require a color corrective service.  

Is there an icy/platinum blonde option that is low maintenance?

Not really. 

Icey implies toner, always. 

If you're looking to not be in the salon every 4-6 weeks to maintain a designer blonde tone, then balayage is what you're looking for.  This technique allows for the grow out to not require upkeep like all-over color or highlights will. If you're comfortable with the hair having warmer tones and maintaining the toner at home with stylist recommended violet shampoo & conditioner, then you will be good to go! 

What is balayage? 

Pronounced bah-lay-yaj 

Balayage is an painting method to apply lightener in a varied organic way to mimic a natural sun-lightened appearance. This creates a soft blended look that grows out seamlessly, typically requiring less maintenance than other conventional applications. Because this is a painting technique, there are many ways to use balayage to create many different looks. From bold, naturally sun-kissed, to balayage ombre, there are many ways hair artists use this technique to create popular rooted styles. In French, balayage, translates to the brush of a paint stroke

How often should I come in to retouch my balayage? 

Depending on the application, you can go 2-8 months! Balayage is an excellent option for a low maintenance, organic blonde. You can always book a 'face framing balayage' service to extend time between visits of a full service! 

What is a balayage ombre? 

Balayage ombre is a combination of two styles. One is a sun-kissed rooted look (balayage) and the other is ombre (uniformly faded to another color). This is the California sun-drenched designer look you've seen everywhere in the late 2010's to now. Blonde begins around the face and gradually melts down in a staggered highlight effect to the ends where they are all uniformly blonde.

These are a few of many things we will discuss during your consultation to find out what proper service is right for you and how we plan to maintain

your designer blonde long term. 

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